Electricity from the Wind

Aiming at the leading position on the Nordic wind power market

Wind power is one of the most cost-efficient forms of producing electricity. It utilizes a free and never-ending raw material: wind from the sun. Continuous development of wind power technology keeps improving the efficiency of power plants.

We utilize modern technology and decentralized energy production model to produce clean domestic electricity through TuuliWatti Oy – our associated company, co-owned with S-Voima. Over the past few years, TuuliWatti has systematically developed and built industrial wind power plants on land and has become the leading producer of wind power in Finland. Based on that know-how and experience we are expanding the operations to cover all the Nordic countries.

We are aiming at the leading position in all the markets we operate in. The focus of our investments is in the areas where it is most cost-efficient to produce electricity from wind – taking the location’s wind circumstances and grid connections as well as social acceptance into consideration. We keep looking for projects, partnerships and investment opportunities in the Nordics. The Arctic areas are especially interesting in terms of renewable energy production potential.

Wind power production today

Significant production capacity in Finland

TuuliWatti has completed their extensive, 650 MEUR investment programme and built industrial wind farms throughout Finland.

Today we have a total of 131 wind power plants in over ten wind farms. Located in different municipalities around the country, they produce clean electricity based on the latest and most efficient technology available on the market. To the municipalities wind power brings investments, tax income and employment opportunities as well as new possibilities for economic development.

Our total wind power capacity amounts to 1.4 terawatt-hours which equals to the annual electricity consumption of 650 000 apartment building flats. Furthermore, it decreases the CO2 emissions by 1 million tonnes per year.