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Invest in climate change mitigation

Mitigating climate change, conserving nature and having a positive societal impact are all key aspects of a sustainable environmental initiative. As the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere keep rising, we need not only to reduce emissions – but to actually remove excessive carbon from the atmosphere at the same time. Shift is our way to give you an opportunity to invest in effective carbon removal solutions that can help mitigate climate change.


Towards a sustainable future

Shift by St1 Nordic is an initiative that gives our customers and partners the opportunity to invest in projects that mitigate climate change. At St1, we are committed to meeting the global energy challenges and to helping our customers reduce their emissions. Shift strives to support the transformation of your business to become climate positive, through scientifically approved investments. Rather than just helping you compensate your emissions, Shift offers an opportunity to invest in actual carbon sequestration. Got 90 seconds to spare? Watch the STORY of Shift!

Image of a forest and the ocena from above


Carbon sequestration portfolio

We need both nature-based and technological carbon sequestration solutions. Nature plays an important role, with vegetation and oceans sequestering carbon from the atmosphere and acting as efficient carbon sinks. Today, we promote afforestation and reforestation projects that offer verified carbon sequestration, while also bringing significant benefits to local communities. 

Image showing an idea of oceanic solutions


Promising carbon sequestration

Technological carbon removal and oceanic solutions are steadily becoming more feasible. Shift is following several initiatives closely and will invest in various projects. The solutions for technological CO2 capturing are still too expensive for widespread use, but thanks to dedicated investors, research is rapidly gaining momentum. 

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Head of Carbon Sequestration St1 Nordic

Head of Carbon Sequestration St1 Nordic Mattias Ivarsson

Mattias Ivarsson
Head of Carbon Sequestration St1 Nordic

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