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Expanding carbon sequestration activities by providing best practices and guidance for future farming schemes

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Working together to achieve our vision

The aim of the project is to develop a guidance for policymakers for implementation of carbon farming incentive scheme and indentify factors of efficient markets by studying demand from sectors mandated to GHG reductions and supply from the agricultural and forest sector and demonstrate the rules in 10 test farms and 10 forests two of each from five different pedo-climatic regions in Europe. 

Work packages and responsible organisations

  • WPA1 ‘Science base for carbon capture’ (Natural Resources Institute Finland)
  • WPA2 ‘Trading scheme for sustainable carbon removal credits’ (North European Oil Trade)
  • WPA3 ’Regulatory and policy aspects of the carbon farming scheme’ (St1)
  • WPA4 ‘Demonstration and testing of incentive mechanism concepts’ (BSAG,
  • WPB1 ‘Communication’ (St1)
  • WPB2 ‘Networking’ (St1)
  • WPC1 ‘Management’ (St1)
  • WPC2 ‘Monitoring of indicators’ (St1)
  • WPC3 ‘Socio-economic impacts’ (St1)
  • WPC4 ‘After-LIFE’ (St1)
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Coordinator - St1

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  • St1 is a Nordic energy Group whose vision is to be the leading producer and seller of CO2-aware energy 
  • St1 operates in Finland, Sweden and Norway and focuses on fuels marketing activities, oil refining and renewable energy solutions such as waste-based advanced ethanol fuels, geothermal heat and industrial wind power
  • The Group researches and develops new methods of energy production to promote a sustainable carbon cycle through R&D and investments in sustainable energy sources, such as research and pilot carbon sequestration through afforestation in Morocco and the production of Power-to-liquid fuels by synthesis process from captured carbon dioxide and hydrogen using renewable electricity
  • In the LIFECarbonFarmingScheme project, St1 leads the project and respond the work package A3 where St1 gathers all information provide in LIFE project and design for decision-makers a practical guidance for implementing the innovative carbon farming scheme to promote and incentivize more efficient climate actions.
  • Contact person: Kirsi Tiusanen

Partner - Baltic Sea Action Group

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  • Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG) is a private, independent foundation that works to restore the ecological balance of the Baltic Sea in the changing climate. BSAG launches and accelerates activities with a high impact in the Baltic Sea. The foundation bases its activities on extensive cooperation with all sectors of society 
  • As one if its priorities, BSAG works ambitiously with regenerative agriculture to mitigate climate change, increase biodiversity and to decrease emissions to the Baltic Sea
  • BSAG has launched Carbon Action platform to develop and support agricultural practices that enhance soil carbon sequestration and to develop the scientific verification system for soil carbon storage in agriculture. The key is co-creation with farmers, companies, research and authorities, also regarding the development of market aspects and steering instruments
  • In the LIFECarbonFarmingScheme project, BSAG is responsible for farmer dialogue and testing of the incentive mechanisms with farmers and other stakeholders. In the project, BSAG also facilitates scientific cooperation and international networking in soil carbon verification and carbon farming methods.
  • Contact person: Kaj Granholm

Partner - Natural Resources Institute Finland

luke logo

  • Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) is Finland’s second largest governmental research institute, performing non-profit research and providing expert services, in order to advance the bioeconomy and the sustainable use of natural resources 
  • In the LIFE Carbon Farming Scheme project, Luke collects the results of different data sources of existing biomass and the biomass accumulation rate estimations and the methods applied to do this in an active database and analyses the possibilities to find out means to quantify unambiguously the changes in the carbon storages, the stability of the storage changes and the definition of the system boundaries
  • Based on the analysis of the applicability of this data as a basis of the carbon market system, suggestions of the possible mechanisms to be applied to quantify the stock changes in different conditions, scale and time intervals will be made
  • Contact person: Hannu Ilvesniemi

Partner - North European Oil Trade

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  • NEOT (North European Oil Trade) is a significant independent fuel procurement company in the Baltic Sea region. The company is based in Helsinki and specializes in oil and renewable products wholesale in Finland, Sweden and Norway and actively operates on the global trading market. With the power of around 50 employees NEOT annually supplies roughly 7 billion litres of fuel products to its owners SOK and St1
  • NEOT operates under European Union’s Effort Sharing Decision (ESD) sector and contributes to Renewable Energy Directive’s (RED) renewable energy targets as an operator obligated by national biofuel distribution obligation in Finland
  • NEOT’s aspiration is to enable the mandated sectors under the EU legislation to be able to use more flexible toolbox for fullfilling their mandates in the future. In other words, doing more climate actions with the same monetary effort
  • In the LIFE Carbon Farming Scheme project NEOT is responsible for the work package aimed at developing a cross-sectional incentive scheme that offers foresters and farmers new income opportunities and incentives to implement agricultural and forestry practices to remove CO2 from the atmosphere
  • Contact person: Simon Hämäläinen

Partner -

puro earth logo

  • is an industry-leading marketplace that has created an international standard for carbon removals. This transforms carbon dioxide from a climate problem to a green economy solution.
  • issues CO2 removal certificates (CORCs) for industrial removal and storage into carbon net-negative products. Buyers targeting Net Zero purchase the verified carbon removal credits. The income from carbon removals enables entrepreneurs who remove carbon scale more quickly. 
  • In the LIFE Carbon Farming Scheme project, offers the platform for demonstrating the incentive and market mechanisms (WP A4). also offers its competence on carbon removals standardization, quantification and verification.
  • Contact person: Marianne Tikkanen

Partner - Tyynelä Farm

tyynelafarm logo

  • Tyynelä Farm is located in Joutseno, South Karelia and it has been in the current owner’s family since 1943
  • Tyynelä Farm uses regenerative farming methods such as versatile crop rotation, multi-species cover crops and minimum tillage to produce cereal, legumes and oilseed crops
  • The farm is actively involved in numerous research and education projects and knowledge is one of the main products of farm. 
  • The farmer, Juuso Joona is co-founder of the Carbon Action project and is also making research of soil carbon sequestration and soil improvement methods as a doctoral student in University of Helsinki and R&D agronomist in Soilfood Ltd 
  • In the LIFECarbonFarmingScheme project, Tyynelä Farm and Juuso Joona brings in the practical knowledge combined to the scientific approach regarding carbon farming in agriculture. Their work concentrates on piloting carbon farming schemes and evaluating their feasibility
  • Contact person: Juuso Joona

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