Social Sustainability and Impact Assessment of the Davvi Wind Farm Project

St1's vision is to be a leading producer and seller of CO2-aware energy. In the spirit of our vision, we research, develop, produce and invest in CO2-aware energy. Energy production investment projects go through the necessary regulatory processing and licensing processes. They are often lengthy processes and require comprehensive investigations as the authorities carefully assess whether the construction conditions are met.

As an energy company, we recognize that our actions have a social impact and that the social responsibility of our projects is very important to us. We respect human rights and the rights of indigenous peoples. We constantly assess the impacts of our entire value chain on people and human rights, and engage in dialogue about the social impact of our projects.

We are a majority shareholder in Grenselandet A/S, which is developing an 800 MW wind farm project in the Finnmark area of ​​northern Norway. In the first phase, Grenselandet has focused on development work and environmental impact assessment. Grenselandet A /S has submitted an application for a permit for the Davvi wind farm.

For the permit application, Grenselandet A/S has commissioned an impartial impact assessment of the project for both the environment and society, including a dialogue with the reindeer herding community and local people in both Finland and Norway. The independent impact assessment states, inter alia, that protected areas, important habitats or valuable geological deposits will not be affected. The next phase of the project will depend on the outcome of the official review.

We encourage all parties and those interested in the project to have an open discussion so that different points of view can be heard and taken into account.

Details of the permit application and the project can be found at these links. The application is in Norwegian the following documents are in Finnish.

Permit application

Background of the research program

Confirmed research program

More information:

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