St1 Sustainability Agenda

Sustainability is all about collaboration and partnerships

Understanding our impact

Our sustainability work at St1 boils down to understanding our own impact and collaborating with our partners and other stakeholders across our entire value chain. Creating a positive societal impact and moving towards a more sustainable carbon cycle requires bold actions and perseverance. Our journey has just begun.

At St1, we aspire to be an energy company that challenges the conventional. Our company vision is to be the leading producer and seller of CO2-aware energy, but our responsibility as an actor in the energy sector does not end there. Through our operations, we want to ensure that we have a positive impact on people and the societies they live in. In the spirit of our vision, we research, develop, produce, and invest to be able to provide our customers with CO2-aware energy while creating a positive societal impact. Through ambitious target-setting and continuous innovation, we want to enable our transition towards a more sustainable carbon cycle. Any stakeholder, partner or customer should know and be able to distinguish St1 as a trustworthy and responsible actor in the energy sector with a genuine passion for sustainable, collaborative, and socially just growth. 

To announce a bold and more coherent sustainability statement, in 2020, St1 signed the UN Global Compact. This is a public declaration wherein we committed to align our sustainability efforts with the priorities that the UN has defined for the private sector, which are human rights, labour rights, environmental protection, and anti-corruption. In line with the UN’s perspective, at St1, we believe that progress in enhancing human capabilities and quality of life while protecting our physical environment can only be achieved through cooperation and a holistic approach to sustainability. 

The sustainability objectives that we define for St1 will not only be words on pieces of paper. They will be the backbone of our sustainability strategy and directly impact our strategic priorities going forward. For this reason, St1 has joined the UN Global Compact’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Ambition programme. The programme will guide our processes in setting ambitious, concrete and science-based targets that are informed by research on social, environmental, and economic sustainability. These objectives and associated targets will work as alignment and guiding tools in decision making, partner selection, purchasing practices, and innovation projects.