Nordic Retail Station Network

Hundreds of thousands of customer visits per day

St1’s distribution network for transport fuels comprises 1270 St1 and Shell branded retail stations and gas filling points in Finland, Sweden and Norway. The Shell brand is in use under a license agreement.

The network of unmanned stations and service stations with shops, convenience stores, restaurants, and car washes serves the many needs of hundreds of thousands of people on the go. We are investing in the quality of the network by replacing exiting stations with new ones and by revamping large stations. We also constantly improve the service offering at the stations based on changing customer needs.

We hold a solid market position in all the countries we operate in. The effectiveness of retail operations has an important role in enabling us to invest in the production of renewable energy. The fuel procurement company North European Oil Trade (NEOT) ensures that we can provide our clients with competitive and increasingly low-emission fuel products.

Services for people on the go

Depending on the location, our network serves different needs of people on the go. Our manned St1 and Shell stations in the Nordics offer café/restaurant services in comfortable surroundings. Most of them also have a shop inside the station.

In Finland, both networks have invested in efficient car wash services that can be easily booked online. Both brands offer competitive fuel cards for consumer and corporate clients. The St1 and Shell cards can even be cross-used in both networks in the Nordics.

Our Nordic customer service centre in Stockholm serves the customers in Finland, Sweden and Norway in various needs and questions. The Service Master phone service and mobile application are easy channels to get help on the go.