Game Changer 2023

This is the Corporate Sustainability Report of St1 Nordic. It is published to recount our most material disclosure topics in corporate sustainability as well as our business activities. 

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Henrikki Talvitie, CEO St1 Nordic

CEO’s review

A challenging operating environment

Our dedicated organisation continued to implement our own energy transition roadmap accomplishing excellent progress.

Mika Anttonen, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Statement of the Chairman of the Board

Global signals suggest reasons for optimism

There is no single solution to accelerate the energy transition and reach our shared set targets. Instead, we need a number of energy solutions, some of which already exist, and some that are still waiting to be discovered.

Lea Rankinen Director, Sustainability and Corporate Affairs

Sustainability highlights and challenges

Navigating through challenges toward the energy transitions

Our investments show the direction in which we are headed. In 2023, our investments in renewable energy production exceeded EUR 111 million or 46% of all our new investments.

St1 energy transition roadmap

St1 Energy Transition Roadmap

Towards our vision

The Paris Agreement targets for mitigating climate change require relevant actors to develop a new, low-emission energy system globally. Such a system would gradually change the way we produce, store, and use our everyday energy.

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