Supply and Logistics

Our associated company North European Oil Trade group (NEOT) supplies annually around 7 billion liters of oil products to retail stations, homes and companies.


High quality and sustainability of raw materials emphasized when selecting fuels

NEOT acquires its fuels from the global trading markets and handles their storing and transport from refineries to terminals and further to stations and direct customers. Our Gothenburg refinery is the most important source of supply for NEOT, but the company also supplies oil products from other refineries mainly from Finland, Norway, Denmark and Poland.

NEOT supplies St1 Gothenburg refinery with biofuels that are increasingly used in blending fuels. When supplying bio-components, NEOT utilises the waste and residue based advanced ethanol produced by our biorefineries.


Quality, safety and environmental aspects taken into consideration throughout the logistics chain

Together with NEOT, we have a comprehensive logistics chain in all of our operating countries consisting of terminals for storing the products and a wide transport network. The transport network includes shipping as well as road and rail transports.

The biofuel components from producers to refineries as well as the end products and clean petroleum products from the refineries to terminals are delivered by sea by mainly time charter vessels. The main activities focus on the Baltic Sea area, but a part of the stem is shipped from farther. The road transport is taken care of by a co-operation partner network.

In Finland, NEOT is responsible for the logistics chain from the refinery all the way to fuel stations and to hundreds of thousands of homes and companies. In Sweden and Norway other transportation operators are responsible for deliveries to St1 stations and direct sales customers.