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St1 employs over 1000 energy business professionals

St1 employs over 1000 energy sector professionals in total. We at St1 are committed to an operating culture of entrepreneurship and innovation.

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We want to challenge the conventional

St1's organization is flat, so decision-making is never far removed from the people it matters to. The company's open atmosphere encourages employees to engage in internal entrepreneurship as well as in active interaction and cooperation across borders. Employment relationships are typically long and employee turnover rates low in all the countries we operate in.

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Working together to achieve our vision

All St1 employees share our common vision, to be the leading producer and seller of CO₂-aware energy. Everybody has an equally important role in the strategy implementation. Our profits from fossil energy enable us to invest substantially in developing innovative renewable energy production. Employees working in our traditional oil business are strategy enablers and employees working in renewable energy are strategy executors.

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St1 is perceived as an attractive employer

The meaningfulness of work, satisfaction with the work community and employee engagement have been repeatedly estimated to be very high in internal work environment surveys. The principles of equal treatment are applied to all employees of the group with regard to, for example, the allocation of work tasks, advancement opportunities, payroll administration training planning or employee transfer.

We continuously invest in competence development in our organization. Also well-being and safety at work are always key priorities for us.

Exciting challenges and broad development opportunities

St1 companies in the Nordic countries offer a variety of career opportunities for people who want to be at the forefront of the global energy revolution. To achieve our vision, we want to attract and develop not only top engineers and technologists, but also experts in other areas, such as marketing and sales, project management or business technology and finance.