St1 Company & Press Releases

October 2018

VTT and St1 to pilot future bioeconomy: Climate-friendly hydrocarbons from industrial carbon dioxide emissions

10.10.18 Press release
​VTT and St1 have launched a unique experiment in Finland aiming to produce hydrocarbons from industrial carbon dioxide, which can be refined to fossil-free petrol, diesel and chemicals.
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September 2018

St1 launches RED95 renewable fuel for the trucking industry in Norway

07.09.18 Press release
Friday the 7th of September, the Nordic energy company St1 launched its renewable fuel RED95 at t...
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August 2018

St1 Nordic Oy, Interim Report January–June 2018

31.08.18 Company Release
The St1 Nordic group combined all areas of St1’s business for the first time as of the beginning of 2018, including the oil refinery business, which was previously run by St1 Group.
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July 2018

Stimulation stage of St1’s geothermal project successfully completed

23.07.18 Press release
Geothermal pilot project makes progress in Otaniemi, FinlandOne of the most challenging aspects o...
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The stimulation phase of St1 Otaniemi geothermal project is aimed to be finished by the end of the week, read the project update

18.07.18 Geothermal Heat Update
So far the stimulation has proceeded in line with the plans and the flow of the water, deep down ...
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Scientists developing an international measuring concept for carbon sequestration in afforestation to slow down climate change

13.07.18 Press release
The aim of the scientists is to determine the overall impact of forests on climate. The concept m...
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The stimulation stage at St1’s geothermal project site employs also students

06.07.18 Geothermal Heat Update
Altogether about 25 people work at Otaniemi geothermal site, of which 4 are university students. ...
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June 2018

The stimulation phase of Otaniemi boreholes has proceeded as planned already over halfway, a little bit over 2 weeks left

27.06.18 Geothermal Heat Update
The water stimulation that started early June at the St1 Otaniemi geothermal site has proceeded a...
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The stimulation phase of Otaniemi boreholes is proceeding as planned at St1 site

18.06.18 Geothermal Heat Update
Water-stimulation of the boreholes is proceeding well at the St1 Otaniemi site, where geothermal ...
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