St1 one of the winners of Energy Globe World Award 2019

Group of Finnish Companies (St1, Fortum, Neste and HSY) were awarded Energy Globe World Award 2019 in the category Air. The International Award ceremony Gala took place in Espoo on the 13th of November. 

The winning project consists of Geothermal Energy for the district heating of Espoo and Renewable Fuels for sustainable transportation. 

"In the Finnish town of Espoo, public-private-people partnerships were established with the goal of making the city carbon neutral by 2030. The participating companies are involved in the regional transformation to carbon neutrality, but also innovative in their business fields. The proposal showcases with clear evidence the importance of several parallel forefront activities and their synergic collaboration".

In the picture from the left:
St1: Matti Pentti, Director, Heat from the Ground
Neste: Salla Ahonen, Vice President, Sustainability
Fortum: Mikael Lemström, Vice President, Heating and Cooling
HSY: Juha Lipsanen, Director
Espoo: Jukka Mäkelä, Mayor 

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