St1 Outlook Launch Webinar

We welcome you to an online webinar where we will present St1’s outlook on the challenges faced by the energy sector and our societies.

Watch the recording of the webinar

Solving Global Energy Challenges webinar

 We welcome you to watch the recording of the webinar. Top panelists discussed the challenges faced by the energy sector and our societies, and the solutions that will help us mitigate climate change.  Excellent discussion was at the heart of the matter: We need to have strong collaboration in all our efforts in solving Global energy challenges.

Invitation to solve Global Energy Challenges

The energy challenges that we and future generations face, if not solved quickly, will have serious consequences. The energy sectors of the world make our everyday lives possible, but at the same time they are the main contributors to global CO₂ emissions. Investments are the lifeblood of the global energy system and will eventually determine how successful we are in changing it into a less CO₂-intensive one. Global co-operation and policies are the enablers of this change. The information is there – what we need now is action!

We welcome you to watch the online webinar that was held June 15, 2020. The event was hosted by Timo Huhtisaari, Director Sustainability & Future Business, St1 Nordic Oy. See the panelists below. 


The Panel

Anders Borg

Former Minister of Finance in Sweden

Lenita Toivakka

Head of UN Global Compact Finland

Anne Marit Post-Melbye

Industry manager at the ZERO climate foundation in Norway

Sean Kidney

Co-founder and CEO of Climate Bonds Initiative

Kimmo Tiilikainen

State Secretary to Minister of Economic Affairs in Finland

Svante Axelsson

National coordinator for Fossil-free Sweden

Mika Anttonen

Chairman of the Board and majority owner of St1 Nordic Group

Timo Huhtisaari

Director, Sustainability & Future Business
St1 Nordic Oy

The Panel

Anders Borg, former Minister of Finance in Sweden.

Anders Borg is a Swedish politician and was finance minister for Moderaterna between 2006 and 2014. Before that he was chief economist at SEB. Anders was Minister of Finance during the financial crisis and worked with the crisis programs for Latvia, Iceland and the Ecofin Council. In 2011, Anders Financial Times' annual ranking of Europe's best finance ministers topped.

Lenita Toivakka, Head of UN Global Compact Finland.

Lenita Toivakka is former Finnish Minister of European Affairs and Foreign Trade, and former Minister of Trade and Development. The UN Global Compact is the UN's organization for sustainable business and the world's largest corporate initiative for sustainability.

Anne Marit Post-Melbye, industry manager at the ZERO climate foundation in Norway.

Anne works with climate solutions in industry and bioeconomy. She is a graduate of the MSc in Energy and Environment at NTNU, specializing in industrial ecology.

Sean Kidney, co-founder and CEO of Climate Bonds Initiative.

Climate Bonds Initiative is an international NGO working to mobilize debt capital markets for climate solutions. Sean is also a consultant for green bonds for the UN Secretary General.

Kimmo Tiilikainen, State Secretary to Minister of Economic Affairs in Finland.

Kimmo Tiilikainen is a Finnish politician from the Center Party and is a former Finnish Minister of Housing, Energy and the Environment.

Svante Axelsson, national coordinator for Fossil-free Sweden.

Svante Axelsson is a trained agronomist and environmental economist and was secretary general of the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation for 16 years. Today he leads the Fossil Free Sweden initiative, started by the Swedish government in 2015 with the goal of Sweden becoming one of the world's first fossil-free countries.

Mika Anttonen, Chairman of the Board and majority owner of St1 Nordic Group.

Mika Anttonen is strongly involved in the climate debate nationally in Finland but is also a clear voice in the European and global climate debate on emissions cuts.

Timo Huhtisaari, Business Unit leader of Sustainability & Future Business at St1

Timo is determined to challenge the conventional ways of working in the energy sector and the tools he has are energy and passion for the cause. At St1 Timo is leading the Business Unit where the aim is to develop new ideas and solutions to solve climate change while creating a positive societal impact.