St1’s ethanol production will end in Vantaa, Lahti, and Kajaani

The change negotiations in the Advanced Biofuels Production (FI) unit, concerning the production facilities in Lahti, Vantaa, and Kajaani, as well as the Production Support team, have concluded. All staff in the Advanced Biofuels Production (FI) unit, except for the Bioprocess Development laboratory team, were involved in the negotiations.

The negotiations were initiated for production and economic reasons. The main feedstock supplier for the Lahti and Vantaa facilities has redirected their feedstock flow from St1's production facilities. In the current situation, ensuring the availability of feedstock has proven extremely difficult. Additionally, the competitive environment for production facilities has changed significantly, and conditions for profitable business have not been found. The Kajaani facility has operated the Lahti and Vantaa facilities in several shifts remotely. The production of the demonstration plant has been unprofitable throughout its lifecycle, and there are no prospects for improvement. The plant currently has no prerequisite for production of ethanol or any other products. For these reasons, negotiations have taken place with the staff during the autumn, which have now ended.

As a result of the negotiations, production will cease in Vantaa, Lahti, and Kajaani during 2023, and up to 26 permanent employees' contracts will unfortunately come to an end. In addition, temporary employment contracts have ended during the negotiations.

St1 is an energy company, whose vision is to be the leading producer and seller of CO2-aware energy. The company focuses on realizing its strategy and continues to implement its investment plan for the production and distribution of renewable energy in its operating countries.

Contact info:

Miika Johansson, Director, Renewable Energy, St1 Nordic Oy, p. +358 45 117 6850

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