TuuliWatti constructed a market-based wind farm at Ii Viinamäki

TuuliWatti has completed the Viinamäki wind farm at Ii in Finland and it has moved into operational phase. It is the first Finnish wind power investment, which was done without the support of society. Technological advances have increased the tower height, which will also enable significant growth in production and cost-efficiency as a result of improved wind conditions. The wind power plants at Viinamäki are up to date the tallest plants in the Nordic countries. Viinamäki wind farm consists of five Vestas V150 wind power plants that have a power output of 4.2 MW and a hub height of 175 meters, with a sweep height of 250 meters.

TuuliWatti and Vestas are collaborating on R&D of tower solution, which represents the latest tower technology of Vestas. The 175-meter tower is the world’s tallest all-steel wind turbine tower. With the new technology, greater wind potential can be efficiently unlocked at higher hub heights.  V150 power plant production is up to twice as high as previous power plants and the production cost of electricity stays below 30 € / MWh.

Wind power is Europe’s fastest growing form of energy production and with the advancement of technology, the wind power sector is moving towards a market-based era. In 2018, already about nine per cent of Finland’s electricity production was covered by wind power. Finland’s leading wind power company TuuliWatti produced about 21% of Finland's wind power last year.

TuuliWatti Oy is also constructing a 6 MW electricity storage in connection with the wind farm at Ii Viinamäki. It is located in the neighbouring municipality Simo and will be completed later in the autumn.

“TuuliWatti wishes to be strongly involved in developing the wind power sector and its competitiveness as an energy production form. This is reflected in our many top projects, which include this Viinamäki wind farm and the connected battery, which is the largest in the Nordic countries”, says Tuomas Candelin-Palmqvist, Director of TuuliWatti Oy. 

More information:

TuuliWatti Oy, Tuomas Candelin-Palmqvist, Director, St1 Oy, tel. +358 10 557 2177

TuuliWatti Oy is an associated company of industrial wind power owned by the energy company St1 and S Group’s S-Voima. S-Voima is owned by SOK and regional cooperative companies. Established in 2009, TuuliWatti is Finland's leading actor in the industry, which in 2018 produced 21% of our Finland's total wind power production. TuuliWatti is investing in strong expertise and the latest wind power technology to achieve the most cost-effective wind power. www.tuuliwatti.fi


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