We develop geothermal heat technology by bedrock research

The St1 Otaniemi geothermal heat project proceeds to the next stage in bedrock research. During the summer the water simulation fulfilled the most positive expectations and the amount of water pumped into the bedrock of Espoo corresponded to the upper limit of the starting assumptions, which in practice gives expectation of excellent thermal power in the future plant.

In week 43, the next phase of bedrock research is carried out at seven pilot stations in Espoo and Helsinki, where by blasting of small charges at the depths of 30 - 40 meters, seismic speed of sound is determined around Otaniemi. These measurements provide exact knowledge of the bedrock cracks in the passage of the waterway. That will help to determine the direction of the last part of the second heat well that will be drilled in the end of 2019. The charges will be blown up in each of the seven holes three times between 08.00 and 18.00 on 22 - 24 October and the work is carried out by authorized and qualified personnel.

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