Career Examples

mikael öberg

St1 Refinery, Sweden

Mikael Öberg

Some 200 oil industry professionals work at the St1 refinery in Gothenburg developing and producing liquid fuels – such as petrol, marine fuels and advanced waste-based ethanol for traffic use.

Mikael has worked at the St1 refinery since 2013. His main responsibility as a process engineer is to optimize the units’ performance. On top of that he has often been involved in smaller and larger projects for improving safety, reliability and efficiency of the process. Now he has an exciting new challenge as project leader in the building of the new hydrogen manufacturing unit in the refinery.

  “It is such an interesting and also fun project! I truly enjoy working together in a multidisciplinary team at the refinery as well as with great people from different companies, countries and cultures. The unit to be built is quite complex, however, the technology itself is well proven. Our challenge is to make the adjustments needed to integrate it into the refinery”, Mikael explains. “This is St1 refinery’s first major investment in the production of renewable diesel, and I’m also really excited to be involved in a project that enables us to shift our focus even more to renewable fuels here at the refinery.”