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St1 Norway

Randi Kvaløy

Randi has long experience from the operation of Shell retail stations: 25 years ago she started working in her father’s business, which she then took over some ten years ago. She has a track-record as a very successful dealer who has won a lot of awards.

At the beginning of 2017, Randi made a major career change when she got the opportunity to start as St1’s territory manager on the West coast of Norway. She is now cooperating with nearly 30 Shell retail sites – bringing her solid experience as well as the St1 way of operating to the benefit of the resellers.

“I think that now is the right time for me to do something new. I wanted new kinds of challenges for myself and that’s what I’ve got at St1. After having my own business for so long, it’s great to also see the bigger picture from the viewpoint of the company”, Randi says.  “I love to work for St1 where you can take responsibility and decision-making lines in the organization are short – you always get answers to your questions very quickly. I also like our strategy – it is important that we are taking the right steps towards the future and becoming an energy company in stead of an oil company.”