St1 Nordic Oy purchases 50% of Aviation Fuelling Services Norway AS from St1 Group Oy

St1 Nordic Oy has bought the shares of Aviation Fuelling Services Norway AS from its sister company St1 Group Oy. St1 Group Oy acquired 50% of the shares of Aviation Fuelling Services Norway from Shell in October 2015. The other owner of the associated company is Shell Exploration and Production Holdings B.V.

Aviation Fuelling Services Norway AS carries out aircraft refueling operations at Norwegian airports and has a market share of 43% in Norway. Company’s net sales for the 6-months financial period 2015 was approximately 130 MUSD. The company is well suited to St1 Nordic’s fuels marketing business and has synergies in product supply and logistics in Norway.

St1 Nordic Oy
St1 Nordic focuses on fuels marketing activities in Finland, Sweden and Norway and on renewable energy solutions such as waste-based ethanol fuels and industrial wind power. The sister group St1 Group now focuses on oil refining.

Further information
CEO Kim Wiio, St1 Nordic Oy, +358 1055 711

St1 Nordic Corporation – Financial Statements Release 2015


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