Power from the wind

For us power from wind is a key enabler to fulfill our vision of becoming the leading producer and seller of Co2 aware energy, and we have the competence to operate along the full value chain for wind power.

What we do

We have over ten years of experience in the wind power industry. Already in 2009 St1 co-founded a company called TuuliWatti Oy together with S-Voima and we have developed and built more than 500MW in the Finnish Market. St1’s share of Tuuliwatti was later divested to Exilion Tuuli, but remains under St1 one operatorship. As of 2022 we operate 9% of total Finnish wind power, making us the largest third-party operator of wind farms in Finland.

We are aiming to grow our service portfolio further also with new customers. For St1, wind power is integral to our vision of becoming the leading producer and seller of CO2-aware energy. We work with our own value chain which already today is selling renewable energy to our core customer segments, and we aim to enable the transition away from fossil energy by providing the low-cost clear energy to our value chain and that of others.

In line with our aim we are currently developing several projects in Norway and Sweden. Read more here: 

What we do:

  • Development management according to St1's sustainability framework
  • Social License and Stakeholder management
  • Construction management with high HSSE and sustainability standards"
  • Technical and Commercial Management (TCM) according to customer's specific needs

Some of our projects are operated by us, but we also partner with others or provide service on demand. Our expertise covers managing the entire value chain, from acquisition of project rights and project development, to financing, engineering, procurement and construction, and further on to Technical and Commercial Management (TCM).

Read more about our TCM services here

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St1 operates eleven Exilion owned windparks in Finland (total of 84 wind turbines). The scope of service is a Technical, Commercial Management Agreement (TCMA)

Why we do it

Electricity produced by wind turbines is one of the most environmentally friendly large scale power production we have in the Nordic countries. By utilizing this great Nordic source of energy, we will contribute to delivering renewable energy and reduce emissions.

"When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.” – Chinese proverb

Where we are

St1 works to develop wind power projects throughout the Nordics. We are a Nordic wind power developer and Technical and Commercial Management (TCM) -service provider.

St1 develops wind farms in Norway, Sweden and Finland. By constantly increasing access to renewable energy, St1 is building the transition towards a more sustainable future.

Davvi in Eastern-Finnmark, Norway is our largest project with about 800 MW. Davvi is in permitting phase. You can learn more about Davvi wind park here (in Norwegian).

Learn more about each of our locations and find our country specific web pages (local language only)

We are actively looking for wind power projects In Finland to invest in. We're offering our 10 years of expertise to co-develop carefully selected projects or project portfolios. We're also the TCM service provider for 102 wind turbines in Finland (total energy production of 381 MW). Our TCM-strategy is growth and we are now offering our service to all wind park owners in the Nordics. 

In Norway Davvi wind park (800 MW) is in permit phase. We also are working with development of Sandfjellet wind park, a park up to 750 MW. Link to Wind power in Norway

In Sweden we develop projects from first step to complete wind parks and offer asset management for external parks. We are currently developing Gullberget wind park. Link to Wind power in Sweden

Contact us

Thomas Hansen

Head of St1 Nordic Wind power

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Sami Piippo

Deputy Lead of Nordic Wind power

St1 Oy

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Outi Vaarala

Commercial Manager, Nordic Wind power

Partnerships & Business Development
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Maija Kylmäkorpi

Wind power Lead, Sweden

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Svein Skudal Aase

Wind power Lead, Norway

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Yrjö Laine

Service Business Lead / Senior Asset Manager

Wind Park Operations & TCM Services
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