St1’s services: Securing fuel supply

Our role is to ensure the security of the fuel supply for society and St1 provides private and corporate customers with a wide range of products and services.

The main products sold are premium class traffic fuels, heating oils, middle distillates for machinery, and marine fuels. Bio products, which take up an increasing share of our liquid fuels offering, accounted for almost 19% of our revenue in 2020.

Our offering also includes a wide range of enhanced payment cards, payment methods and services, both for fleet customers and commercial road transportation customers, as well as for consumers. 

Retail station network

Altogether, the nationwide petrol station network that consist of approximately 1,250 St1 and Shell petrol stations across Finland, Sweden, and Norway are the forte of our retail business. The network of unmanned stations and service stations with shops, convenience stores, restaurants, and car washes serves the different needs of hundreds of thousands of people on the go. Additionally, the St1 mobile refuelling concept and St1 Mastercard increase convenience for our customers. Our app has become a significant sales channel for various products like car wash services and coffee offers.   

In 2020, we continued investing in our service station network and built new sites in all our markets. In Sweden, we had previously taken over a shop business from an external operator with the aim of developing a shop concept of our own. The work resulted in the piloting of the PLOQ concept in 2020, offering customers a refreshing pause with carefully planned details around quality food and premium coffee A wider roll-out of the new PLOQ shops continues.

In Norway, we built a new station in Tvedestrand. One of our largest motorway sites in the country, it covers an area extending 33 000 m2. By providing indoor and outdoor facilities with new services, the new station offers people on the go a chance to enjoy a break. The available services for customers include 32 charging points, reflecting the growth of the Norwegian electric car fleet.

Employee at retail station at night

In Northern Finland, we built a new St1 site in Oulu serving both retail and commercial B2B customers.

To be able to ensure the flawless continuation of our retail network’s operations, we operate a company in Norway that can flexibly take over service stations’ operations in challenging circumstances. This operating model also secures jobs at the service station, for example, in situations where we are looking for new entrepreneurs.

Our entrepreneurs and partners, together with our operational team, performed extremely well, serving our customers in constantly changing conditions while having to adapt to new regulations and standards at a rapid pace. We have introduced new ways of working and processes to ensure a safe customer experience and operations during the pandemic. Our station network served our customers safely without any operational interruptions. Only the service champions who refuel cars and perform important car checks in Finland were briefly away from the forecourts but were soon able to start taking care of those customers who prefer their cars refuelled as a service.

Corporate sales

The ability of our Nordic organization to solve challenging situations together and to find new solutions to maintain sales has created new business opportunities for St1. In addition, efforts to maintain existing customer relationships and gain new corporate customers have resulted in strong cooperation within our Nordic sales team. Despite of the prevailing COVID-19 situation, our Marine volumes increased by 2%. We are currently looking for a business model with the long-term goal of directly selling the light sulphur fuel oil produced by our Gothenburg refinery. 

Tank truck at depot

Our new terminal in Gävle, acquired last year, has truly strengthened our customer offering in Sweden. Our sales team, together with our supply and logistics teams, have succeeded in meeting our volume targets extremely quickly. The new terminal enhances our ability to provide our customers with a wider energy mix to meet their future needs. 

In 2019, we had acquired the Commercial Road Transport network in Sweden, consisting of 20 heavy duty fuel distribution stations. These stations were integrated into our Shell TruckDiesel chain, and the network reinforcement has shown especially strong performance. We have been able to broaden our customer offering in Sweden in that important segment.

In Finland, we completed the implementation of our new customer service strategy. We took our customer service centre in Finland into in-house management and extended the service concept to seamlessly ensure our high standards of customer experience in a multi-channel environment. Customers also benefit from the extended service hours. Customers are served in local languages by native speakers, and naturally also in English.

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