St1's Otaniemi geothermal heating plant pilot project progresses on two fronts


In Otaniemi, the above ground construction and installation work of the geothermal heat plant is progressing according to plan. When the above ground works are completed by about 75% by the end of January, the construction of the site will be put on hold for the planning and implementation of the possible flow test phase of the wells.

By the end of November, e.g. pipeline channels from the wells to the heat plant and connection to the Espoo district heating network, have been finalized. Electrical installations are carried out on site and heat exchangers, pumps and auxiliary equipment are being installed inside the building. Despite the precautionary actions caused by the exceptional corona situation and the technical challenges of the old heat plant building, the work has progressed without interruption.

At the same time with the above ground works, a pre-plan for cross hole flow tests of deep geothermal heat wells will be made, which will be commenced early next year. The aim of the flow test is to simulate different production conditions with different levels of slow fluid flow test runs. The decision on the implementation of the flow test phase will be made after the completion of the pre-plan in early January. The commissioning of the Otaniemi pilot heating plant will be postponed during the planning and implementation of the study.

The pilot project of St1's Otaniemi geothermal heating plant is in many respects, a project to construct the world's first deep EGS (Engineered Geothermal System) plant of this type. The main goal of the pilot project is to develop and test technically and economically viable solutions for all work phases of a geothermal concept so that the concept can be commercialized after the pilot. Deep geothermal plants will play an important role in the transition to zero-emission heat production.


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