The stimulation phase of Otaniemi boreholes has proceeded as planned already over halfway, a little bit over 2 weeks left

The water stimulation that started early June at the St1 Otaniemi geothermal site has proceeded according to the plans and will be finished in about 2.5 weeks. After that the analysis of the results will start. The time will also be utilized to develop further the drilling technology.

Drilling at the depths of several kilometres in Finland's tough granite bedrock is one of the biggest challenges of the whole project. Another major challenge is to provide water flow between drilled boreholes in the deep bedrock, which is currently being investigated by stimulation.

Geophone measurement results as well as up to date information can be monitored in real time online

All seismic events in Finland and adjacent areas can be monitored at the Institute of Seismology

The stimulation phase of Otaniemi boreholes is proceeding as planned at St1 site


The stimulation stage at St1’s geothermal project site employs also students


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