The stimulation phase of Otaniemi boreholes is proceeding as planned at St1 site

Water-stimulation of the boreholes is proceeding well at the St1 Otaniemi site, where geothermal heat experts are working around the clock - leading water to a 6.4-km deep hole and monitoring with underground geophones the micro-vibrations and the water flow they induce in the rock.

The purpose of stimulation is to pinpoint the direction to which the final stage of the second production well should be drilled, and to determine how water is made to flow between the holes deep underground.

"Stimulation has been realized in line with plans and expectations - nothing unexpected has come up in the first phase," says Tero Saarno, production director at St1 Deep Heat.

"We believe that stimulation will proceed at the same pace in the next couple of weeks and will be successfully completed within the planned time frame."

Geophone measurement results as well as up to date information can be monitored in real time online

Stimulation stage began at a geothermal site in Otaniemi


The stimulation phase of Otaniemi boreholes has proceeded as planned already over halfway, a little bit over 2 weeks left


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