Taking concrete actions to fulfill our vision

“We solve global energy challenges in a manner that enables societal and climate well-being. All our actions aim at a positive societal impact”, says CEO Henrikki Talvitie.

In 2020, St1 Nordic signed the UN Global Compact. Through our own sustainability work, the company commit to supporting and implementing the ten core principles of human rights, working life, the environment and the fight against corruption.

In the spirit of our vision, we have identified strategic focus areas where we can best achieve our goals of mitigating climate change by investing in solving global energy challenges and in the transition of the energy sector while ensuring the necessary cash flow”, says Talvitie and underline the fact that concrete steps are taken.

Biorefinery under construction

“We are determined to take concrete steps in the consistent and long-term implementation of our strategy. We are focusing on investments in the production of biofuels from sustainable feedstocks, research and development in lignocellulose-based biofuels and geothermal heat, as well as the creation of a synthetic fuel value chain”.

In addition, the construction of a biorefinery in connection with St1’s Gothenburg refinery is underway and the plant is expected to be completed in early 2023. In the future, the refinery will be able to flexibly use a wide range of feedstocks that meet current and future requirements for renewable fuels.

“We are also looking at increasing carbon sinks as part of our climate change mitigation efforts and continue our R&D work in semi-desert areas. Our divestment from Tuuliwatti last year will help ensure our ability to invest heavily in new renewable energy projects in the future”, Talvitie concludes.

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