The strength of the St1 brand accelerates business growth

Building a strong St1 brand plays a key role in developing and maintaining a successful and profitable business.

The St1 brand is well known within the consumer transport segment, which is natural as our St1 sites are clearly visible in Finland and Sweden. Our robust brand has enabled us to invest in projects that will help us realize our vision to be the leading producer and seller of CO2 -aware energy.

“As our company grows and we enter into more projects that will help us reduce the impact of CO2 emissions from fossil energy, having a strong and clear brand platform to lead us in our work is vital. We need to bring the whole company together and build one solid brand for the future,” explains Erica Samuelsson, who is responsible for Brand Management and Strategic Marketing at St1.

Together with a team of people from across St1’s Marketing, Corporate Communication, Public Affairs, and HR departments, Samuelsson is working on developing a new Brand Platform that will provide a framework for all internal and external marketing and communication.

Creating a common platform

“Due to different histories in our markets, the St1 brand has developed with slight deviations between countries. To align the brand strategy, we are now working on creating a common brand platform that will be the base for us to build an even stronger brand. That will support us in the energy transition towards our vision and at the same time differentiate us on the market,” Samuelsson asserts.

Building a strong brand is not only important for attracting new and more loyal customers, but also internally as all employees working for St1 should be brand ambassadors. For that to happen, we need to keep up the interest and engagement internally.

“We should all know about the great things that we as a company are doing so that we can feel proud and share the St1 story with our families, friends, and stakeholders. And having a strong brand will also help attract new talent to St1. That’s very important to us,” Samuelsson explains.

We have an exciting brand journey ahead of us.

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