An energy station for the future – with a focus on customer experience

In May 2023, St1 Norway opened Shell Lonelier just outside Kristiansand, its flagship retail site in southern Norway. Shell Lonelier is a state-of-the-art energy site where future fuels are placed at the center of the site’s design. In addition to traditional liquid fuels, there are 31 electric vehicle charging points, of which 16 are high-speed chargers. The new site also offers several other services to its customers.

The Kristiansand area, situated along the new E39 road, is an important location for St1’s network in Norway. It’s also a popular summer destination for many Norwegians, and the site opening took place just in time for the busy summer season.

“We are grateful that Nye Veier – a company that plans, builds, operates, and maintains traffic-safe main roads in Norway – trusted us to build and operate the new site at Lonelier. In the planning process, we have considered the needs of our different customer groups, and the goal is to be both B2B and B2C customers’ first choice on-the-go”, says network planner and project lead, Bård Granerud.

Space and services for all customer groups

Shell Lonelier has become a crossing area, which is also supplemented by up-to-date 24-hour rest areas, and high on-site capacity to refuel and charge vehicles. In the long term, the site will also provide electric charging facilities for heavy trucks at a larger property across the road.

“We believe that professional drivers and everyone else who travels in the new E39 road, will find the site functional, with an abundance of services to suit the needs of travellers of all stripes”, says Retail director Anita Sørlundsengen from St1.

In addition to refueling or charging the vehicles, one can shop, eat and drink on the site, and there are even exercise facilities, a playground and a dog park open for the guests.

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