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In 2022, we continued to promote and execute our ‘Perfect days’ concept at the St1 refinery, in which we try to visualize our daily achievements from an HSSE perspective.

This year, we focused mainly on leaders, making sure they are actively taking responsibility for the topic, and understand the importance of their roles. Leaders were instructed in terms of what it means to be a role model, and how to coach both their teams and the individuals within them on HSSE topics. In addition, safety roles and expectations were defined for the management team, first-line leaders, and employees.

Also in 2022, behavior-based safety training was provided to the entire employee base. This will continue with a program spanning 2023 and 2024, encompassing four distinct modules:

  • Risk awareness – how to identify risks by observing the workplace.

  • Movement - how to move safely and focus one’s attention when walking.

  • Hand/eye coordination – monitoring and trying to control reflexes in dangerous situations.

  • Routine tasks – executing routine tasks in a safe manner.

“With the St1 Gothenburg Biorefinery starting up after the summer, it’s really crucial that we stay focused,” says Karin Sandell, HSSE Manager, St1 Refinery. “With new activities comes stress – we really need to work on making sure that we take a step back and think before acting. Safety should stay at the top of our minds.”

Karin points to the continuing implementation of the company’s updated lifesaving rules as a good example of keeping safety topics active for every employee. From twelve, the rules have been filtered down to the six most important. Six still being a high number for immediate recollection, colors and symbols have been added to each one, making them easier still to memorize.

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