Looking back and to the future

2022 is St1’s 25th anniversary year. In the beginning we were an oil trader. At one point, I started to think about the difference we want to make, and what could serve as the higher purpose that will inspire others to join us. The vision to be the leading producer and seller of CO2-aware energy started to crystallize, and we started to work toward it.

From the very beginning we have had excellent people, which have worked hard together, succeeded, made mistakes, learned from those, and continued. And there has also always been a bit of humor on the journey, which has then helped with the everyday problems that always inevitably come up. We have been able to do so many significant things and make a real difference with our work. To my delight, our efforts to fulfill our vision have attracted many newcomers with the same fighting spirit to join us on this journey. I’m proud and moved by the passionate work of the entire staff.

I was asked what St1 will be in 25 years’ time and what the hot topics will be then. As a company, I hope St1 will already be beyond the current vision of being the leading producer and seller of CO2-aware energy. I’m sure that by then, we will have discovered something completely new through new innovations.

 When I look back on all these years, I have every reason to believe the next 25 years will bring unimaginable scalable innovations that will solve the global energy challenges. Hopefully, we will at least be very close to the non-fossil energy system and the atmosphere’s CO2 content has started to fall. To bring such innovations to market, we must work together. It is possible, since we have the education, capabilities, conditions, and elements in our society to give the world what it needs.

At St1 we will work toward that goal with maximum effort. We are a small company, which means that we can react quickly when opportunities arise. To that end, must ensure that we are profitable and maintain a positive cash flow. St1 will provide a platform for our people to solve the global energy challenges, and I’m confident that thanks to their contributions we will be punching above our weight in the energy transition.

Let us prove together that where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Mika Anttonen, Chairman of the Board

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