Making wind power manageable

Owning and operating a wind farm is no easy task. With St1’s TCM service, we’re helping partners to streamline the wind power revolution.

With many years of experience in the wind power sector under its belt, St1 decided that some of this this deep knowledge could be utilized in the service of those that own and operate the rapidly growing onshore wind farms that will power the energy transition. This is the ethos behind their Technical and Commercial Management (TCM) service, which is already helping wind farms across the Nordics deliver maximum benefit for the planet and for people.

Keeping a wind farm running efficiently is key. Ensuring health and safety, conducting inspections, analyzing data, and preventing costly downtime all require a vast kaleidoscope of various contractors and skillsets. With the TCM service, the idea is for St1 to act as a single point of contact on behalf of the owner of the wind farm, coordinating all of the different people and resources to ensure everything keeps running smoothly.

“Our job is to represent the owners and safeguard their asset,” explained Yrjö Laine, the service business lead for TCM.


“By streamlining everything and holding all of the different parties accountable, we can extract maximum benefit from wind farms for everyone.”

St1 conducts regular on-site inspections, reports any actual or potential issues, and makes sure that all repairs and upgrades are done on-the-spot.

Crucial to St1’s value proposition is the legal side of things. Taking on the role of negotiator and enforcer, their job is to manage contracts with the revolving cast of repair services, manufacturers, power companies, and engineers that keep the blades spinning, ensuring that everyone meets their obligations.

“Our customers often tell us that just knowing that we are on the ground doing the follow-up gives them so much peace of mind,” Laine explained.

Making renewable power generation even more sustainable

Ensuring the sustainability of the wind farms themselves is also a crucial part of offering. While reducing downtime is one part of this, reducing the footprint of the infrastructure itself is also key.

“Wind farms themselves have an impact on the planet, and we exist to help mitigate that,” says Laine.

In the long-term, St1’s main concern is securing the future of wind as a viable, sustainable power source.

“This kind of operations management is what makes wind power scalable in a way that can actually make a difference, both for the customer and for the environment.”

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