Creating business value with IT architecture

Business technology and digital services play a key role in enabling the flawless operation of our value chain. We are constantly developing and improving the services we provide our customers, for whom a smooth and swift experience is increasingly important.

In 2022, we continued to develop a sustainable IT landscape that enables us to build better services for our customers. Our growing operations and the demands they put on business continuity prompted us to strengthen our capabilities through a significant number of recruitments. In general, talent and organizational development were overarching themes for St1 during 2022.

One example of this is the idea of a domain approach where our various business needs are structured into a set of more specific business domains. For each domain, cross-functional teams design, develop, and operate reusable IT components, systems and services needed by our business and customers.

Going forward, the domain approach will bring business and IT people even closer, clarify ownership, and allow more focus and continuity in the development of our IT architecture. This will also facilitate the evolution of various IT products with our changing business needs in the future.

Major efforts were made to evaluate the IT landscape of the newly acquired Brocklesby Ltd. and to design a roadmap to ensure business continuity.

During 2022, many significant projects for business continuity were carried out. For instance, the new ERP system was implemented at the refinery in Gothenburg, and in two markets a new fueling app for B2B customers was launched.

We also started to adopt automation capabilities and replaced several smaller legacy services. All this will help us speed up our development pace in the future.

Our work to enhance our digital workspace continued in 2022. To improve our internal communications, the renewal of St1’s Group Intranet was carried out successfully. In addition, we provide continuous training to our employees in effectively using the enhanced communication tools. Providing a constantly evolving digital workplace is a prerequisite for our organization to be able to form agile value chains around the tasks at hand and deliver them successfully.

The reliability of our operations as well as good customer experience hinge on the effectiveness of our business technology. We continuously improve our IT systems to make them more agile to meet the rapidly changing needs of our organization and customers.

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