St1 Stories

Learn more about us, our people, and our energy transition journey.

Working systematically for people, culture and nature
Carbon farming can be applied as part of farm production
St1 awarded contract to build new energy station
Paving the way for the next generation of terminal technicians
Environmental projects are more important than ever – Afforestation pilot in Morocco
Exploring the X in “Power to X”
Safety first at St1 Refinery
Investments in the future - Promoting a sustainable carbon cycle
Keeping up the momentum by fostering talents
The journey from gas stations to energy stations
Customer growth through operational excellence
Deep dive into our supply and logistics chain: Energy trade and logistics
Fighting the arctic elements
St1 Refinery 2030 project
A deep dive into raw materials and production: Energy company in transition
Making an impact through engagement and collaboration
Leading the energy transition through data
Developing our due diligence practices
LIFE CarbonFarming – Shaping regulation through human rights
Looking back and to the future
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